• rp 771 efe royal padel 4 300x400
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  • rp 771 efe royal padel 300x400

Racket with high sweet impact area. Carbon surface that gives it a semi-soft touch. Advisable for players of medium-high level.

Level: HighMaterial: FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: RoundWeight: 360 – 390


Frame: Tubular bidirectional of fiber glass with carbon weave reinforcements. System Absortion Shock in the open heart. High density carbon weave heart.

Scheme: Nucleus of Polyethylene laminated with weave of crabon fiber. Resin impregnating epoxi including titanium dioxide. Soft extreme rubber.

Benefits: Technical raquet with format oversize destined to expert medium and expert players.Excellent power with good control. The soft extreme rubber with which it is make confers a smooth and absorbent touch to the impact.

Who plays with it?

216.47 TAX incl.