RP 790 Whip Polietileno 2019

  • rp 790 whip polietileno 2019 royal padel 6 300x400
  • rp 790 whip polietileno 2019 royal padel 3 300x400
  • rp 790 whip polietileno 2019 royal padel 300x400

The Whip are equipped with new more flexible and quick recovery compounds that allow to achieve greater comfort (absorption vibrations) and better control.

Model that combines several rubber compounds to achieve greater hardness than its counterpart Whip Polyethylene. Advisable for technical players with high level playing.

Level: CompetitionMaterial: FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: Tear OverWeight: 360 – 390


Frame: Tubular bidirectional of fiber glass with carbon weave reinforcements. System Absortion Shock in the open heart. High density carbon weave heart.

Scheme: Nucleus of Polyethylene laminated with weave of glass. Resin impregnating epoxi including titanium dioxide. Soft extreme rubber.

Benefits: Technical raquet with format oversize destined to expert players and competition. Excellent power with good control. The soft extreme rubber with which it is make confers a smooth and absorbent touch to the impact.

Who plays with it?

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