• rp m27 hybrid 2019 royal padel 4 300x400
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  • rp m27 hybrid 2019 royal padel 300x400

The M27 2019 are an evolution of the M27 2018 with the incorporation of 3k carbon reinforcements in certain areas, thus achieving greater durability. The use of evolved compounds for this new edition provides greater power and control.

Built with combined rubber compounds. It is an evolution of RP M27. Designed for players who prefer a slightly hard touch. Excellent power without loss of control.

Level: CompetitionMaterial: FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: Round OversizeWeight: 360 – 390


Frame: Carbon Frame 100%

Scheme: Polyethylene core with 100% Carbon fabric. Impregnating epoxy resin including titanium dioxide. Rough face with “honeycomb” system.

Benefits: Intended for expert and professional players. Incorporates the Shock absortion system in the open heart reduces in its entirety the vibrations of the impact of the ball, its immediate recovery high density polyethylene rubber gives unparalleled control and power. Being the entire blade made of carbon fiber further increase the power of this model being a perfect shovel for the most demanding and technical player. Roughness in the face of the shovel with more grip to the ball, facilitating the effects and left.

Who plays with it?

339.90 TAX incl.

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