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  • rp m27 royal padel 300x400

Racket built with cutting edge materials and the latest technology. Designed for expert players and for competition use. Excellent performance, confort and high absorption to vibrations.

Level: CompetitionMaterial: FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: Round OversizeWeight: 360 – 390


Frame: 100% Carbon Frame

Scheme: The face of the Aniversario M-27 model is made of carbón fiber.

Benefits: Introduced as a competition racket for an expert and professional players. The Absortion Shock System incorporation in the open heart, reduces the 100% vibration when it hits the ball, its high density Polyethylene foam provides an unmatched power and control. As it is manufactured with carbón fiber, icrease the power of this model even more, making a perfect racket for the most exigent and tecnic player.

Who plays with it?

339.90 TAX incl.