RP-RPRO 2019

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The RPRO is a shovel with a lot of control and power. Thanks to the 3 unloaders a perfect absorption to the vibrations is achieved. That makes it perfect for players with elbow problems (Eplicondilitis) and for players who want a shovel to make them control and win matches.

The RPRO has a balanced balance, with round shape. In turn, we have achieved a perfect balance in the three parameters of power, control and absorption of vibrations.

Level: CompetitionMaterial: Fiberglass + Carbon FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: Round OversizeWeight: 360-385


Frame: Fiber glass frame with carbon weave reinforcements.

Scheme: The plane OF the RPRO model is made of 230gr and 200gr aluminized glass fabric. Thus Increasing control of it. Heart 100% carbon tissue.

Benefits: The RPRO is a competition shovel for all types of players. From those who start to competing at the highest level. Considered one of our best shovels and one of the best in the market. Comparable to our M27 competition model or Anniversary. The incorporation of three insurers reduces vibrations in the impact of the ball and its polyethylene rubber provides unbeatable power and control performance.

340.00 TAX incl.

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