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  • rp supercross 2019 royal padel 300x400

Completely new model in terms of compounds, retaining the structure of its predecessor. General improvements in benefits. Greater control and power. Easy adaptation.

Very balanced racket in the three parameters of power, control and absorption of vibrations. For players who have an expert level no matter what kind of game they have. Indifferently from the type of game you have.

Level: HighMaterial: FiberThickness: 38
Profile: 38Shape: TearWeight: 360 – 390


Frame: Tubular bidirectional of fiber glass with fiber glass weave reinforcements.

Scheme: Nucleus of Polyethylene laminated with 3 layers of weave of aluminized glass. Impregnating epoxy resin including titanium dioxide. Ultra-soft rubber, fast recovery.

Benefits: Technical racket designed for expert players. Excellent power without loss of control. The ultra-soft polyethylene rubber with which it is built gives it a soft and absorbent touch to the impact.

209.90 TAX incl.

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