It is the essence of particulate graphite. We apply the highest quality of carbon to the materials achieving excellent results with respect to resistance and take-off. All our frames are made of carbon.


It is the most commonly used material in the construction of blades. It is used on the impact surface of the blade as it is flexible and offers good resistance. It is applied in layers of different weights, according to the characteristics of each paddle.


It is a liquid and dense resin formed by composites used for the compact formation of all the fibers. It is applied on all the layers that make up the blade, before being exposed to heat.


These are different types of resins that are melted to strengthen the blade structure. The qualities of the composite can vary depending on the resins applied. Some are more resistant than others.


Its main property is shock absorption. It is composed of latex, which is a resin extracted from plants. Its virtues in a racket are the flexion on impact with the ball, the different sensations of stroke, its power and control.


It is the colloquial term given to the synthetic resin obtained by condensation of polyester of different types. It is characterized by its low density. It occupies a predominant place in paddle blades, with very good results.

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