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Impeccable design and durable materials SINCE 1991

En royal padel llevamos 33 años diseñando y fabricando palas de primera calidad, con la máxima exigencia para competir en todo tipo de torneos y competiciones.

Rackets designed and manufactured by us in house with the best engineers with more than 25 years of experience. Royal Padel products incorporate a series of technical materials such as carbon, aramid (klevar / twaron) fiber and glass fabric, titanium dioxide among others, achieving excellent power and control, with light weights and balanced paddle blades.

Pure power and balance

Designed and manufactured by us in house, with the best engineers with more than 25 years of experience. Our rackets are perfectly balanced for high performance on the court. We make sure to offer maximum power in all our rackets.

Prevents injuries

All Royal Padel rackets are designed to prevent elbow (epicondylitis) and shoulder injuries. Royal Padel paddle blades have been designed with specific materials that reduce the impact of the ball and absorb the energy of impact to make the blow softer and prevent possible injuries. Recently, Royal Padel paddle blades have an innovative technology. The company has developed the Shock Absorption system that reduces the vibrations produced by the impact of the ball, avoiding possible injuries (here you can see 3 examples of Royal Padel paddle models for epicondylitis).

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