Royal Padel's history, since 1991

Since 1991 Royal Padel Sportsystems has marketed the ROYAL PADEL paddle brand, one of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991 the first collection of Royal Padel padel rackets was presented, with only two brands in the market and a reduced collection of three models. Royal Padel Sportsystems began marketing the brand.

These first Royal Padel rackets were made of wood, heavy and with few features. It was in 1992 when the use of various types of rubber was adopted, combining them with glass fabrics and epoxy resin.

From that moment, the performance of the Royal Padel rackets improved significantly and it was the first important step to reach the padel rackets that we manufacture today.

Currently we have Royal Padel padel rackets of recognized prestige among the most experienced players in this country, the models of Royal Padel Whip padel rackets in both Foam and Eva, or medium models such as the RA or the incomparable Royal Pole padel racket for the most demanding. All these models have given Royal Padel a remarkable position among the best padel racket brands in the world.

Impeccable Design

Diseñadas y fabricadas por nosotros en casa con los mejores ingenieros con mas de 30 años de experiencia


Perfectly balanced products for high performance on the court

Durable Materials

Our rackets are created with the highest quality materials, very resistant and durable.

Injury Prevention

Con nuestro shock absortion system cuidamos de ti. Ayuda a absorber el impacto y las vibraciones de la bola en la pala

Pure power

We ensure that we offer the maximum power in all our rackets

Personal attention

By using one of our rackets on the court you become part of our family. Together we are Royal Padel.

Free shipping in 24h

Free shipping on orders over 90€

Professional advice

We advise you on how to find the most suitable racket for your needs

Office and academy

New to padel? Come to our office and let us advise you

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